March 4, 2011

A Heavy Day for Memories

From SpouseBUZZ by Amy -
Today is one of Those Days. This year has been full of them, but today is a particularly special one. It includes two beautiful people who have become a significant part of my life. It symbolizes a change in the way I view my responsibility to our military lifestyle. It is the reason I now visit Arlington National Cemetery and sit and talk to a head stone and a memory that is not mine every time I’m in D.C.

It is the last first anniversary of one of our battalion’s soldiers’ combat deaths.

Like so many, our 2009 to 2010 deployment was far from an easy one. It ended with the kind of distinction no one wants — our battalion took more casualties over that long year than any other Army unit since Vietnam.

Today, March 4, the last of those combat casualties occurred. Sgt. Anthony Americo Paci was killed when his Stryker rolled over as it swerved to avoid hitting a civilian vehicle. Twenty one others died during that deployment from enemy strikes — Sgt. Paci’s fate arrived in the form of an accident.

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