March 22, 2011

I just felt the need to say to my readers

From **Wife of a Wounded Marine** by Karie - the universe, and even to myself that despite how I may feel one day to the next, I am very blessed. Yes, I've experienced some misfortunes, but we will all experience them at some point in our lives and I realize that. As much as I want to wallow in bad memories from the past, there is a part of me that really can't help but feel hopeful for the future. A lot of positive things have happened recently and they make me feel excited. I know I'm going to get past all of "this" and I'm going to have a happy life. There are too many things that really are good to think otherwise. I just hope that I can take my husbands sacrifice and everything I've experienced and use it to better the world in some way. I'm going to try. It's part of the reason I write. I know my blog isn't seen by millions, but I hope the few that it does reach are inspired in some way. Even though they are just a random girls thoughts and feelings.

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