March 1, 2011

It shouldn’t have taken this long

From Afghan & Military Blog by Bouhammer -
Military commanders in Afghanistan are launching an initiative in March to ferret out criminals and infiltrators from Afghan security forces. The move follows attacks that have killed seven U.S. servicemembers since late November.

That is the opening line in a story about how starting next month, the US military is going to start a new vetting process to try and weed out Afghans with bad intentions who are enterign the police and army. Uhh, one question comes to mind, it is FRIGGEN 2011 and we have been doing this embed, training and mentor mission since 2003 so why are these Afghans just NOW going to be vetted? I wrote about this issue recently ( ) and in that blog entry I have links back to similar posts I have written back to 2009 about this same topic. I read the following and I am amazed and sickened.

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