March 3, 2011


From Letters to You by Chrissy -
I spent another weekend in J-Vegas! I got the chance to meet and spend more time with your friends. I met so many amazing people along with the other families of the fallen. It never fails though, a trip to Jacksonville results in a severe lack of sleep. Sunday funday got me four hours of sleep when I had to be up at 7 for the service and drive home nine hours. That was fun.

I met so many more people on Friday and Saturday. It was easier to see people this time because there weren't as many families in town. Every person that was introduced to me told me how great of a man you were and that you are a true hero. As painful as it can be sometimes, my heart always swells with pride and I put a smile on my face. Because you know what? You're mine. People will never forget you because of the man and Marine that you were. I have yet to encounter someone that has something bad to say about you.

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