March 2, 2011

My Time at Landstuhl, Germany With 3 Special Friends

From From Cow Pastures To Kosovo -
I've been VERY negligent in posting this from my trip to Italy and Germany. Apologies to MaryAnn, Jay and Stephanie! This one's gonna be long folks. You've been warned. :)

After an absolutely fantastic time in and around Camp Ederlie/Vicenza, Italy I hopped a Ryan Air (highly recommend) flight from Venice to Frankfurt Hahn airport. Well, actually before the flight my "landlord" SGT Iles grilled up some great burgers and hot dogs. He, his lovely honey, Carilsa, Martin Diaz de Leon and I stuffed ourselves with those. Last farwells then Martin drove me to the airport. I'm grateful for his kindness.

Landed at Frankfurt Hahn very late in the night. MaryAnn had arranged for a cab to pick me up and drive me to the hotel. She was a lifesaver to do that. Although it was dark there was a clear sky and a wonderful moon for most of the drive. The countryside was covered in snow and the evergreen tree bows were laden down with snow. It was a breath taking drive.

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