March 21, 2011

Rant Time

From Free Range International by babatim -
Last December C.J. Chivers wrote a very classy piece on one of my fellow milbloggers Joshua Foust from C.J. noted that Joshua has softened some of his pointed criticism while growing as a writer. I see the same thing in his Registan posts and know that I too have tried to tone down my rhetoric while sharpening up the content. So as I sit in the Emirates lounge at the Singapore Airport, nursing both a injured shoulder (The Boss sent me here for treatment) and a vodka tonic it has occurred to me that it is time for a multi subject rant. I have not done this in a while for good reason and am now going to let loose for no good damn reason.

Security Contractors

Recently yet another hit piece came out in the press about security contractors. As expected from the lame stream press the entire premise of the piece was BS and pictures accompanying the article around 7 to 8 years old and irrelevant to the subject they supposedly amplify.

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