March 3, 2011

Their Struggle is Your Struggle

From One Marine's View by Maj Pain -
Look gang, I get it. I get that all of you that come to OMV understand what your warriors are doing and go through. However, unless you have been there you don’t know what they really are doing (which one day I’m going to write a book and actually break it down romper room style of what your young warriors are doing for us). I could write a 50 page post about it and we would only be beginning to scratch the surface on exactly what these studs are doing for this country. (If one of you moon bats puts “blab bla bla they volunteered so what’s the big wup” in the comments I swear karma will not be good to you and I will probably change the way you feel about me).

“Their struggle is your struggle” General Kelly said during a speech.

I couldn’t agree more. If you think you can live in this great country and coast along under the blanket our armed forces provides and not give them the time of day you are what I call a blood sucker aka parasite. You have to support the warrior that goes to the shitiest places and puts the fear into the enemy. He/she are doing it for you. They are doing it out of respect for this great country. It must be nice to be in lala land and just pretend OEF & OIF don’t exist because someone else’s kid is doing the fighting and go about your day thinking oh poo I have to go to work on Monday & that’s your biggest bitch & moan. Wrong. There is more to life besides the mug in your mirror. In fact there is a great deal going on our country where too many are worried about me or I. How about them or the country?

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