March 22, 2011

What’s Really Behind Those Horrific Photos; And Will Obama Get The Blame?

From Big Peace by Peter Schweizer -
The horrific photos of US soldiers posing with dead Afghan civilians should be rightfully condemned. That is not the sort of battlefield conduct we should condone by America’s finest. But what about the larger questions? What are the larger questions?

#1: During the Bush years when the Abu Ghraib scandal erupted with photos of American soldiers posing with humiliated prisoners, we were told that this was a reflection of George W. Bush. Harry Smith on CBS claimed that Abu Ghraib was a logical consequence of Bush’s policies. His interrogation techniques caused the problem. In other words, Bush was the root cause.

So with these new horrific photos now coming out, is Obama the root cause? Somehow I doubt that we will not be hearing the argument by the MSM.

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