April 29, 2011

The Murder Of Our Soldiers In Afghanistan

From Big Peace by John Bernard, 1st Sgt. USMC (ret.) -
Yesterday, Wednesday 04/27/2011, Matt Lauer did us proud. He asked the question that the Media has thus far not dared to ask; is there anything to these incidences involving Afghan National Soldiers and Police turning their weapons on their American and ISAF Trainer/Handlers? Until today, the standard answer has been that these were individual acts of murder perpetrated by deranged, angry men, acting, if you will out of personal discontent. Any suggestion that these were connected in any way was not only regarded as incorrect, but bordering on racial slur.
Baseless denunciation aside, characterizing the 21 plus similar acts that have occurred over the past 1.5 years which has yielded 42 American deaths, as individual is a sign of stupidity. The running total since December of this past year alone stands at 28. When you add to this the most recent ‘jailbreak’ in Khandahar by 500 Taliban fighters – and supporters, the real question should be how is it that General Petraeus and his fellow supporters of the current strategy can continue to support what is clearly a failed strategy?

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