May 4, 2011

The Newest Debate

From Letters to You by Chrissy -
So, I was never really done with my post the other night. However, I was getting way too emotional and I wasn't putting myself through anymore that night. Not to mention it was another "2" and I wasn't about to throw myself into a whirlwind.

Anyways, I hear the newest debate in the White House is whether or not to release pictures of Osama after he was shot. Now. Here is what really pisses me off. The Associated Press, and the Government, didn't hesitate to post pictures of our dead. Remember that? You know the picture and article I saw of my lifeless boyfriend being carried onto a medivac. Or the pictures of another Marine who was clearly not going to make it.

You couldn't see your faces. But I could have told you that was Josh from a mile away and really not seeing their face didn't make it any better. So whats so special about Osama? Why the hesitation? It just angers me that they had to use pictures of our war dead to make a freakin point and then they hesitate to post a picture of that piece of shit. Really?!

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