May 3, 2011

The other gunfight in Afg as SEALS were getting terrorist #1

From One Marine's View -
Although the announcement of Bin Laden being scratched off the most wanted list was a welcoming announcement, it got 99% of the attention for events coming out of Afghanistan the past couple days. Let me share another story that continues to demonstrate the spirit of the American fighter. This story is only partially about killing bad guys and mainly about saving fellow brothers.

Equally important is the spirit of your warriors. The tough gut kind of guys that stay with fallen warriors even when bullets are impacting all around them. Infantry men know these guys have their back and know they will be there when needed. That’s what helps us walk into fire and come out successful.

The event

"It felt like 30 rounds were all around us, all within a two- to four-second period. They just hit everywhere," Kline added. "They hit the aircraft, and it went up in flames. It quickly overtook the aircraft, and I yelled at [Cenna] to get the hell out of there. I had noticed during my initial scan of the aircraft that there was still a rocket pod with rockets in it. That was my concern -- that it was going to be like the Fourth of July."

Read the full story below about how skilful warriors executed a rescue mission that could have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for the professionalism and dedication of a small group that made a big difference so “That others may live.”

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