May 4, 2011

Pakistan critical of 'unilateral' US raid that killed Osama bin Laden

From The Long War Journal by Bill Roggio -
The Pakistani government today expressed "deep concerns and reservations" over the May 1 raid by covert US soldiers and CIA operatives that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in his safe house in Abbottabad. Pakistan also denied any involvement in sheltering the terror chief.

Pakistan released the statement after allegations were made that Pakistan's military and intelligence service sheltered bin Laden, as well as other reports claiming that some elements of the Pakistani military aided in bin Laden's death.

"[T]he Government of Pakistan expresses its deep concerns and reservations on the manner in which the Government of the United States carried out this operation without prior information or authorization from the Government of Pakistan," the press release published on the website of Pakistan's Foreign Ministry said.

"This event of unauthorized unilateral action cannot be taken as a rule. The Government of Pakistan further affirms that such an event shall not serve as a future precedent for any state, including the US."

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