July 1, 2011

A Chance to Help Those Who Help Others

A soldier is wounded, the medics come followed by a quick and blurry medivac flight to the field hospital.

A quick but thorough triage then Surgery, and then a flight to Germany for even more surgery, and after a few days or a week at the hospital there, another flight this time to one of the Military Hospitals in the states.

Then the real work and pain begins.

And through it all that soldier is thinking about his buddies, and his family. He has to talk to them let them know he is okay; let them know that they have to stay focused.

But what happens when the darkness doesn’t go away, when blindness is going to be a big part of his life, or what if his hands are nothing more than large bundles of bandages and pain, how to communicate when you can’t even dial a phone or type on a key board?

This is where you can help.

You can help right now by making a donation to Soldiers Angels and Project VALOur-IT.

VALOur-IT stands for Voice Activated Laptops for Our Injured Troops.

When Chuck Ziegenfuss was wounded in Iraq he lost the use of his hands for many months. When he was given the first laptop with the voice activated software, he has this to say, “That one thing--when everything: feeding, cleaning, scratching, everything had to be done for me--that one thing I could do for myself allowed me to connect to my soldiers, friends, and family. That one thing... that one thing began a long road to recovery. It gave me hope; that I could learn to do other things like I did before.”


That is what VALOur-IT is all about; giving hope to those who need it most at time when hope may be in short supply. Soldiers Angels, through the kindness and generosity of American citizens, has been able to provide, free of charge or obligation, computers, voice control software, and rehabilitative technology to thousands of servicemembers since 2005, but the need for these systems is still increasing, and we can’t just tell our wounded troops to wait because we don’t have enough funding to keep buying laptops and Wii systems.

Starting today and ending on July 14, please help us raise $100,000 to keep Soldiers Angels in the business of providing for our wounded. It seems like a lot of money, but every single dollar helps. Every dollar donated goes to the troops. None of the VALOUR-IT donation goes to administrative or other costs. You'd be hard pressed to find any charity that does that!

There are wards full of wounded, right now, that need their lives restored. They need to be shown that they can still do things they have always done. They need to know that people care about them and their needs. They need your help.

Project VALOur-IT (Voice Activate Laptops for Our Injured Troops) provides computers, voice control software, and rehabilitative technology to our wounded. It is funded through donations only. It is part of Soldiers Angels, a 501 c. (3) charity (which means all of your donations are 100% tax deductible) and every red cent of the money you donate goes directly to the troops. None of it pays for overhead or "administrative fees."

Donate if you can, please share the message with others. Get your friends to give what they can. Write about it on Facebook and twitter. Call in to a radio or TV show.

Spread the word.

Spread the love.

Spread the hope.

Thank you.

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