July 8, 2011

VALOUR-IT Needs Your Help! Give Now!

Fundraising is behind, I of course blame the economy, but that doesn't help our wounded warriors.

Even before they are fully with it, many of the wounded are asking about the other members of their units. More than a want, they need to be in touch with them. They need and want to be in touch with family and friends. When you wake up minus limbs and/or with tubes stuck everywhere there are not bandages, it is hard if not downright impossible to punch keys, hold a phone, or much of anything else.

Valour-IT laptops make a difference. Being able to use your voice to make the computer work for you so you can be in touch, handle some of your own affairs -- well, it's liberating. To put it mildly.

Your help is needed. Please do what you can, so that our wounded can do for themselves with a little help from some friends.


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