September 16, 2011

Afghanistan News - 09/16/2011

Insurgent Afghan teens "can't be changed" to join mainstream society - The Afghan government might have crafted a program to reintegrate the country's youngest insurgents into mainstream society, but the teenagers are much keen in joining a holy was in favour of the Taliban. (READ MORE)

Pakistan to ask Afghanistan to check cross-border TTP intrusions during strategic talks - Pakistan will ask Afghanistan to check cross-border intrusions by the Taliban, allegedly based in Kunar and Nuristan provinces, when top diplomatic officials from both sides open a fresh round of strategic talks today, a Pakistani newspaper has said. (READ MORE)

Afghan NGO Seeks To Increase Number Of Women In Government - An Afghan nongovernmental organization has compiled a list of 1,400 women qualified to hold posts in national or local government in an effort to promote greater inclusion of women in politics and social life, RFE/RL's Radio Free Afghanistan reports. (READ MORE)

Official: US dollars ending up in Taliban hands - U.S. government money spent on contracts in Afghanistan is ending up in the hands of Taliban insurgents that American troops have been fighting for nearly a decade, and it is unlikely the flow can be shut off completely, a senior Pentagon official said Thursday. (READ MORE)

US: Kabul attack a propaganda win for Taliban - The commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan on Wednesday acknowledged the Taliban gained a propaganda victory in a 20-hour assault focused on the U.S. (READ MORE)

Kabul bomb Taliban suspects captured - A coalition forces soldier engages in a gun battle with Taliban militants in a Kabul building as Afghan police ferreted out and killed the last few assailants who had taken over a half-built downtown building to fire on the nearby US Embassy and NATO compounds. (READ MORE)

NATO, Afghan forces capture Kabul attacks suspects - NATO and Afghan forces have captured at least two suspects linked to a dramatic Taliban assault on the US embassy and NATO headquarters in Kabul, the transatlantic alliance said Thursday. (READ MORE)

Soldiers Seek to Remove Opium From Afghanistan - During a mission many weeks ago, a bowl of opium paste like the one seen here was found at a family compound. (READ MORE)

Inside the Kabul Firefight: Can Afghanistan Take on the Taliban Alone? - After three hours of waiting, the Afghan police and soldiers that had kept away journalists from a dramatic firefight between insurgents and Western and Afghan forces in Kabul, stepped aside without warning. (READ MORE)

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