September 20, 2011

Afghanistan News - September 20, 2001

NATO night raids in Afghanistan lead to protests across country - The number of night raids on civilian homes by international forces in Afghanistan has increased substantially, a study has revealed. (READ MORE)

Pakistan says 21 killed in Taliban clash - Taliban gunmen stormed a Pakistani checkpoint in the country's lawless tribal belt on Tuesday, killing one soldier and sparking clashes in which up to 20 militants died, officials said. (READ MORE)

Roadside bomb kills Afghan police, wounds another - A policeman was killed and another sustained injuries as a roadside bomb struck their van in Kunduz province, 250 km north of capital city Kabul on Tuesday, police said. (READ MORE)

Taliban battle Pakistani security forces for drone debris - Taliban guerrillas fought a pitched battle with security forces as both attempted to seize the wreckage of a US drone that crashed in Pakistan's South Waziristan region. (READ MORE)

Aussie soldiers wounded in Afghan drug raid - TWO Australian soldiers have been wounded in a firefight during a raid on a narcotics laboratory in Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Afghan counter-terrorism Chief killed - An counter-terrorism official was killed in an ambush by insurgents in northern Afghanistan, an official said Monday. (READ MORE)

U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan - The Department of Defense has identified 1,759 American service members who have died as a part of the Afghan war and related operations. (READ MORE)

Taliban suicide bomber targets Karachi anti-terror police official - Pakistani investigators inspect the crater caused by a bomb blast in Karachi yesterday when eight people were killed and several more wounded in a car bomb attack targeting a senior policeman. (READ MORE)

Afghan Parliament Still Stymied By Election Dispute - Protesters in Kabul, Afghanistan, demonstrate against the results of last September's parliamentary poll, Jan. 23, 2011. A year after the elections were held, Afghan President Hamid Karzai and lawmakers are still fighting over the results, and the Parliament has accomplished very little. (READ MORE)

Minister who leads from the front sets Afghan progress back - Afghanistan, is reportedly furious with the country's interior minister, Bismillah Khan Muhammadi. (READ MORE)

Afghanistan - NATO admits to shooting dead BBC journalist - BBC journalist Ahmed Omed Khpulwak was shot dead in Afghanistan in a case of mistaken identity when a U.S. soldier took him for a suicide bomber, says NATO. (READ MORE)

Afghan government minister accused of hampering fight against insurgents - Nato and Afghan troops attend to casualties during a battle with Taliban insurgents who took over a building near the US embassy in Kabul. (READ MORE)

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