September 16, 2011

The Consequenses of Defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan

Are Iraq and Afghanistan unmitigated failures whicha re opening the US up to more attacks by Islamists around the globe? Michael Scheurer writing over at The National Interest seems to think so.

When the withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan are complete, President Obama—or whoever is president—will dress up the retreats-without-victory reality as some kind of success. Given the chronic unwillingness of Americans to face facts (and the dread of their leaders to present facts to them) the electorate may well believe such nonsense. Across the Islamic world, however, there will be no such misapprehension. In their zero-sum-game world, Muslims—especially young Muslim males—will perceive that Allah allowed mujahedin armed with Korean War-era weapons to defeat the U.S. superpower in the two Islamic countries it had invaded and occupied.

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