September 10, 2011

George Lopez

A reprint from 2006

George Lopez

World Trade Center

I never met George Lopez, so when I agreed to write a memorial for one of the victims of 9/11 I never contemplated how difficult it might actually be, I just knew it was something that had to be done. Yet George’s co-workers and staff did know him and it is their words and memories that will forever keep George in our hearts.

Raymond Almodovar on behalf of George’s staff writes of George:

“For all of us who knew George, he was a true friend and compassionate human being. He taught us that no matter how rough your day or how busy you thought you were, you were never too preoccupied that you couldn't help someone in need.

As a leader, he cared for each and every member of his staff, never failing to give to give us guidance no matter what the issue. His honest and wise words always had a way of making life seem simpler and less complicated. Through his kindness and humility, he showed us that love was the strength and power that kept us united, and in his heart he had love for everyone.

Like all heroes, he gave so much of himself and asked for little in return, never complaining and always smiling. We will truly miss George, for he was an example of all the good in humanity. We will always carry with us all the lessons in life that he so freely taught us and the love that he gave, the love that defines all that is peaceful and civil.”

Dana Barco another member of George’s staff writes:

“I worked with George from Aug '98 thru Apr '00. Four years later I still brag how he was the best manager to work for. He treated me and the rest of his staff with the up most care and respect, there was nothing he wouldn't do for us. He was fun, loving and always made my day.

My youngest was four and half when she first met George and now at the age of ten she recently learned that he lost his life in the 9/11 tragedy and she cried for him because she remember how much fun she had whenever she came to Mommy's job.

George will be truly missed and I pray for his family and wish them well.”

Jesus Noel Barral writes:

“George, 4 years have gone by since that fateful day. I still remember you like it was yesterday, going with Michelle and Fisher to the cafeteria to get your breakfast (coffee and ham and cheese sandwich), you were so predictable!

I just want to thank you wherever you are for giving me the opportunity to grow both as a professional and as a human being. You believed in me in one of the worst moments of my life and guide me thru the correct path. For this and everything you gave to all of us, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I just hope that wherever you are George, you are in peace knowing that you touched us all in so many ways.”

George Lopez died in the World Trade center on 9/11. His staff, friends and family will remember him also and now I know that I will also remember George Lopez. Wherever you are George, it’s obvious that you like so many others we have been introduced to since 9/11/01 you lived your life in service to others, and the effectiveness of that service is shown by how they miss you now.

God speed brother, God speed.

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