January 24, 2012

Daily brief: Pakistan Rejects U.S. Account of Deadly Airstrike

Andrew Lebovich at The AFPAK Channel gives us today's daily brief:

Reports and acrimony
Pakistan on Monday released its report into the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers in November by American aircraft in Mohmand agency, roundly rejecting American claims that both sides shared responsibility for the incident and blaming the deaths on U.S. failures to coordinate with Pakistani forces (NYT, Post, AP, CNN, ABC, AFP, LAT, ET). The report also concluded that the incident was, "deliberate, at some level," and said that that bombardment did not end until army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani intervened with the U.S. military (Post, Dawn). A Pentagon spokesman stood by Washington's portrayal of events Monday (AFP).

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