January 24, 2012

Storypainter - A Rather Blah Week (In Afghanistan)

Storypainter, a blog that I followed for a long time when he was in Iraq has deployed to Afghanistan a few months ago.

He writes:

"Things at work have been ... well, unremarkable. What's there to say? I go through a hundred or so emails a day. I talk with State Department guys and military guys about this or that operation. I research an answer to a particularly vexing question. Then I go answer a bunch of emails based on the research and discussions with the state or military guys. I go to the DFAC. Periodically I go to the gym. Once a week I'll do my laundry. Pretty exciting stuff, huh? And you thought I was riding around in helicopters and MRAPs all the time, meeting Afghan government officials, and drinking chai with Taliban! No, reality is much more mundane."
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