January 24, 2012

Warhorse - A Review

Gold Star Father and friend of this blog Robert Stokely is a class act.

He and his wife went to see a movie the other night and he wrote this email / review for us.

An excerpt:

"But there is one facet of Warhorse that demonstrated a vulnerability I have and I don't think I will ever live beyond. Warhorse has a good ending. A son gone to war comes home and brings his beloved horse with him. It is a quietly triumphant moment with quiet love of a mother and dad lovingly greeting their son at the front gate of their farm, hardly believing it is him, and hoping with every gaze he is whole and really alive. It is at that moment, and thankfully it came at the end of the movie for if not I don't think I could have continued watching, that I choked back sobs. It was too real for me. It was a vivid reminder what I did not get. It brought back my dreams of getting that moment even before Mike left for Iraq. It hurt.

Every parent, for that matter every family member, dreams and longs for their soldier to come home. They yearn for that moment to look with long awaited anticipation and see a son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife, mom or dad come home from war. They look with anticipation to see for themselves they are alive, they are "o.k." And as I think about it now, and from time to time, I am grief stricken to the point of being sick on my stomach that we didn't get to run across the parade field and bear hug Mike and cry tears of joy. Rather, we gently touched a Flag Draped Casket with tears of grief. And when we did, we were soon to be saying a final goodbye as our life story physically connected to Mike ended as we laid him to rest."

Go read the rest...you won't be disappointed.

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