May 23, 2012

Free Speech Blogburst

First go back and take a look at the Day by Day comic featured up top.  Don't know what it's about...

Then go read Michelle Malkin's post

Then go read The Jawa Report

Then go read Blackfive

Then go read Instapundit

Then go read The Other McCain

Then go read Patterico

Then go read Popehat

Then go read Allergic to Bull

Then go read Liberty Chick

Get the idea?

Friday is going to be Everyone Blog About Brett day....  pick up your pens, pencils, phones, laptops, personal computers and let it fly to protect free speech, otherwise every blog on the internet is liable to be shut down by the same heavy-handed tactics being used right now against those blogs listed above...and if they go, there is nothing stopping this one from going too. 

All it will take is someone with a grudge and some time to file endless lawsuits, and then start making threats... 

You could be next!

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