May 25, 2012

Free Speech Friday

Friday is Everyone Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.... So pick up your pens, pencils, phones, laptops, personal computers and let it fly to protect free speech, otherwise every blog on the internet is liable to be shut down by the same heavy-handed tactics being used right now by the man in the video above...and if they go, there is nothing stopping this one from going too. All it will take is someone with a grudge and some time to file endless lawsuits, and then start making threats... Well reasoned and well stated:
Most of Kimberlin’s victims have been “right-wingers,” but not all. So while it probably falls to those of us on the right to ask some awkward questions of those who financially contribute to Kimberlin’s front organizations—Justice Through Music and Velvet Revolution—there is a less-political dimension to this story that has to do with simple human decency and the rule of law. ...I also want to see Barbra Streisand, Teresa Heinz, the Tides Foundation, and Fidelity Investments questioned on why they are subsidizing the nexus of evil that surrounds Brad Friedman, Neal Rausauher, and Brett Kimberlin. Were these organizations and individuals really throwing their weight behind legal harrassment and physical threats? They have some questions to answer—as does Montgomery County, Maryland..

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