July 9, 2012

Lt Dan Weekend 3 - Be a part of it!

On September 15h, 2012,  The Independence Fund will once again host Gary Sinise as he leads his Lt. Dan Band in a concert honoring our severely injured veterans. The attending veterans and caregivers have been blessed with the opportunity to stay for five days and nights at the Lowcountry's beautiful Palm Key retreat, (http://www.palmkey.com/).

In addition, the weekend's festivities will include the 3rd Annual Lt Dan Classic Golf (Scramble) a family 5K and fully supported bicycle ride for the veterans at the Marine Corps Air Station and a myriad of speaking engagements at local schools where these heroes and their families will share their amazing stories. Also, world re-knowned sport fishermen O'Neill Williams and Flip Pallot will be hosting fishing clinics for these heroes and will be guest speakers at the 12 September Banquet taking place in downtown Beaufort.

If you are a severely injured OIF/OEF vet with a 30% or greater disability rating or a Purple Heart recipient your registration fee will be waived. We will assist with transportation and lodging on a case by case basis as well, with preference being given to veterans who did not attend a previous event.

LDW3. Be a part of it.

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