August 7, 2012

So Long Third Wave Dave!

Friend of this blog, Andrea Shea King sends this missive in regards to her longtime producer and fellow blogger Third Wave Dave.

Dear Friends,

I've received word this morning that Dave "ThirdWaveDave" will be removed from life support at 9 am Pacific today (noon EDT). A team of doctors will be there to assist. The physician who has been caring for Dave for the past two weeks told me yesterday that they've done all they can for our Dave, and it is time. After a month on life support measures, his body is failing and he'll never be the Dave we all know and love.

Rhonda, Dave's longtime friend, roommate and caregiver, will be there with him until the end.  Dave's family and friends will be focused on prayer at that time and for as long as it takes for Dave to breathe his last.

We are saddened beyond words to know that Dave will soon no longer be with us, but we rejoice and take comfort knowing he will soon be with our Father, Creator, Christ the Saviour of all.

Dave's lengthy battle with leukemia gave him valuable time to contemplate God, His heaven, and the eternal life He promises us when we accept Him into our hearts and ask his forgiveness, when we walk as one with our Lord and Saviour.  In that regard, Dave was fortunate.  Many will never have that opportunity for reconciliation. 

Dave and I had many conversations about the meaning of life, God's plan for each of us and how we should conduct ourselves to walk in His footsteps. This past Easter, Dave made a short video in which he talked about Jesus and Easter.  I invite you to view it.  I believe it is confirmation that Dave accepted Christ and understood that regardless of whether or not he would make it through the transplant process, God would not forsake him.


So long Dave, we sure will miss you!

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