September 27, 2012

For ‘Operators’ Pen is Mightier

National Post | Kandahar Journal | Richard Johnson | These aren’t men you’d describe as approachable. Something about their mix of self-assurance, muscular build, facial hair and abundant tattoos keeps you at bay. Something around their eyes warns you off — the dull clarity in their unflinching gaze, hinting at knowledge of things best left unknown. There’s something in their movements, something calculating, something constantly measuring, something pent up, leashed, held in check. These are not men you’d like the look of, but these are the quiet professionals of Canada’s Special Operations Regiment (CSOR).
Officially CSOR is a high-readiness Special Operations Force (SOF) capable of conducting independent operations … on behalf of the Government of Canada. These were the men that we sent to Libya to secure the safety of our embassy staff there in Tripoli, in 2011. These same men have been conducting operations against the Taliban since 2006, interdicting, capturing or eliminating threats to our regular forces in theatre. These men are a big part of the reason that our losses here have not been higher. (READ MORE)

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