September 25, 2012

Kazakshtan’s Mass Murders and the Questions that Remain

A few months back, I wrote up a brief post on Registan examining a mass murder along Kazakhstan’s southern slope. A bizarre one-off, I figured. Something unfortunate. Something sad.

A couple weeks later, though, a second slaughter took place in a nearby locale. And while such spates of killing in Kazakhstan are, thankfully, rare, it is that unprecedented nature that makes each slaughter that much more interesting. It is their proximity in both timing and locale that makes them seem more than mere coincidence.

The stories are as bizarre as they are atrocious — the more details emerge, the more convoluted the tales. Nonetheless, I attempted a stab at some kind of analysis. The nation’s southeastern corner was once an area of calm and respite. Here’s hoping it will return once more: (READ MORE)

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