September 25, 2012

Oregon Guard Gets the Word: Prepare to go to Afghanistan in 2014

Oregon Live | Mike Francis | Start planning for a mission to Afghanistan in 2014, the Army has told the Oregon Army National Guard's 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team. Oregon Guard leaders started notifying the 1,800 affected soldiers over the weekend.

The Army delivered to the Oregon Guard what it calls a "notification of sourcing," which is the first of three notices given to a unit scheduled to deploy. The notification provides money for training to prepare for the mission and may be followed by a mobilization "alert," typically given a year ahead of the scheduled deployment and, finally, by a mobilization order, which provides specific details.

Soldiers have been told to start planning to perform "a security mission" in Afghanistan, said Capt. Stephen Bomar, the Oregon Guard's top spokesman. The deployment is tentatively scheduled to be 400 days, which typically includes a couple of months of pre-deployment training in the United States...  (READ MORE)

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