September 25, 2012

Remembering Master Sergeant Norman Katz

by Susan Katz Keating |
When my daughters were little, I wanted them to know the grandfather they never met: my father, Norman Katz. Over the years, I regaled the girls with stories designed to delight and inspire. I had plenty to work with: The time Dad unexpectedly brought home two pet spider monkeys who escaped inside the house and created havoc before Dad caught them; the way Dad could hold a perfect handstand on board our sailboat on the open sea; or the time Dad tried to rip a swastika flag from outside Nazi Party headquarters in Los Angeles.

In keeping with the pattern set inside my childhood home, though, I rarely spoke to the girls about my dad’s experience in the Korean War. And yet, in many ways, Dad’s warrior self was the core of his being. (READ MORE)

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