March 13, 2013

Mrs G.I. Joe: My response to "THE" article

From ACU's, Stiletto Shoes, and Pretty Pink Tutus by Mrs. G.I. Joe | If you are reading this blog post then its very likely you are familiar with military social networking and therefore know of the horrendous article written by David Wood over at the Huffington Post. Here is a link to the article and please note the title [h]as changed. The article was written at the end of January but has faced a recent firestorm causing it to go mega viral. I left a comment last night but just didn't feel like I was "done." So here is the email I just sent him.
"Your article only just came to my attention last night. Judging from the hundreds of angry comments you received in the past 24 hours I’m guessing it slipped under other people’s radar until then as well. I would love to know where you are pulling your numbers from." (READ MORE)

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