March 11, 2013

Syria Update 13-01: Iraq-Syria Overland Supply Routes

By Joseph Holliday at The Institute for the Study of War | March 8, 2013 | Sunni insurgents ambushed a convoy of Iraqi and Syrian troops inside Iraq on March 4, 2013, marking the clearest example of spillover from the Syrian conflict into Iraq since the beginning of the Syrian uprising in early 2011. The attack illuminates the involvement of Iraqi actors on both sides of the conflict. The ambush is indicative of broader cross-border cooperation between Sunni militant groups seeking to disrupt Assad regime security forces on both sides of the border. The attack location is just as significant as the militants involved because it sheds light on the status of Iraq-Syria border crossing points as the Assad regime and Iraqi government seek to secure overland supply routes between the two countries. With three of four border crossing points impassible due to rebel gains in Syria, the Al Walid-At Tanf border crossing will be critical for the Assad regime and the Iraqi government to secure if they hope to maintain a ground line of supply between Baghdad and Damascus.  (READ MORE)

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