April 12, 2013

Operation Welcome Home at BWI Airport

...As they return home on scheduled flights. Just a few hours of your time will show each one that you care as you welcome them back from Iraq and Afghanistan. The men, women and the waiting families are so surprised to see folks and HEAR greetings as they enter the lobby of the International section of BWI.airport.

There are many planes coming in each month, and you can find information on the website OPERATIONWELCOMEHOMEMD.ORG on dates and details about the arrival of the planes, and when you should arrive. The dates for the planes that are landing are printed the first of each month.

Details are given at the Website, but be SURE TO CALL THE HOTLINE at 410-630-1555 the morning of the flight. Plus CALL before you head to the airport as the time of the flight may change.

During the last two months, Operation Welcome Home has greeted over 16,000 returning military personal. The inventory of snack supplies has been greatly reduced, and there is a need for pre-packaged cookies, crackers, chips and water

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