April 3, 2013

Thoughts on the Anniversary

six foot skinny's blog | It’s been over three years since I sat at a keyboard to record my thoughts on a war that seems so far away now. It’s a thing I did once. Well, twice, but you get the idea. So much has happened between right now and when I posted my last post. Then, I was sitting in the apartment I shared with The Dane, marveling at my ability to go to Target, or drink a beer, or eat eggs with runny yokes. Now, The Dane is Mrs. Skinny, The Dude is six months old, and we live in a cute little bungalow in a quiet neighborhood in my home town of St. Paul. I went back to my old job, left that job to work at a veterans’ non-profit, left that job to go back to school for teaching, and left school to sell out to the corporate man. I’ve taken up fly-fishing and craft beer and I drive a Subaru with a car seat in it – a Subaru with “Iraqi War Veteran” license plates. Some days I feel like I live in an LL Bean commercial. Most days, I feel incredibly lucky to be here. (READ MORE)

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