July 25, 2013

Heritage Foundation Slams Barack Obama's 'Zero Option' Policy on Afghanistan

The Economic Times | WASHINGTON: Hitting hard at the Obama Administration on considering "zero option" - meaning no troops on the ground in Afghanistan - after 2014, an eminent American expert on South Asia has said that it was a "dream option" for the Taliban militants in the war-torn country.

 "The zero option is the Taliban dream option. An abrupt drawdown would pave the way for Taliban to regain influence and cripple the US ability to conduct counter-terrorism missions in the region," Lisa Curtis of The Heritage Foundation said at a conference on Afghanistan here. "The problem with trying to use the 'zero option' as a bargaining chip is that the Afghans already believe the US will cut and run, similar to the way we turned our backs on them over two decades ago when the Soviets left. Putting this idea out there only confirms what they already believe and fuels hedging behavior," Curtis said yesterday.


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