July 30, 2013

Why Central Asia Matters

Nathan Barrick | Registan.net | The “Great Game” is the term commonly used to describe the competition by the great 19th Century Empires for influence and control of Central Asia, especially Afghanistan.  There are many observers who would prefer to leave the “Great Game” in the annals of 19th Century history and interpret current events in Central Asia and Afghanistan through the lens of different paradigm than Nationalism and Imperialism.  In truth, there is much that is laudable in such a view; primarily, that globalization and increased awareness of Human Rights have advanced mankind to the point where advantaged nations have an obligation to support development and the pursuit of prosperity in disadvantaged nations because the future of the world may hang in the balance.  However, championing idealistic values, even ascribing a universal quality to them, does not engender automatic recognition of the benefits those values may have to those who do not currently enjoy the fruits of the hard lessons learned by those who do champion those values.

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